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Evans Media Center Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Reminders from our Chromebook Agreement form: Students understand that they are responsible for the Chromebook that has been issued to them. Students agree to care for the equipment in such a manner as to prevent loss or damage. Students commit to the following:

I will limit my usage of the Chromebook to educational purposes that further educational goals consistent with the mission and policies of the Coweta County School System.

I will immediately notify the School or Department of Technology for Chromebook repair or replacement procedures in the event of damage, loss or theft.

I will transport the Chromebook in a protective manner.

I will not leave the Chromebook inside a vehicle during extreme temperatures or outside where temperature extremes can permanently damage the unit and/or its components.

I will not leave the Chromebook or Chromebook charger unattended in any unlocked area (i.e. classroom, instructional area, office, vehicle or common area).

I will immediately return the Chromebook and any issued accessories to the School or Technology Department upon my withdrawal from Coweta County School System, or at any other time as specifically directed by the School or Director of Technology.

I will read and abide by the Coweta County School System Acceptable Use Policy document to ensure safe computing and internet behavior.
Media Center Policies
1. Students may check out two books at a time.

2. Students can keep books for 10 school days. Students can renew the book if need for additional days.

3. There is a .10 cent fine per school day, per book, if books are not returned or renewed by the due date.

4. The due date is stamped inside the front cover of each book.

5. Students may come to the media center during homeroom from 8:00-8:15 or during Cougar Connections.

6. If a student has overdue books or unpaid fines, he/she will not be allowed to checkout until the books are returned or the fine(s) have been paid.