Higher-Level Thinking Skills

INTERPRETING means explaining or showing what something means.

EXPLAINING means making something clear and understandable.

EVALUATING means judging, arguing, or estimating; expressing an opinion.

PREDICTING means foretelling or declaring beforehand; making a prediction.

OBSERVING means watching, paying attention to, or noticing.

ANALYZING means studying in detail; determining the evidence; breaking down a subject, separating the parts, and examining their relationship to each other.

CLASSIFYING means grouping into sections or categories; sorting or placing into classes.

SYNTHESIZING means pulling together; assembling into a whole; solving, planning, proposing, or constructing.

COMPREHENDING means describing or grasping; understanding; comparing and contrasting; explaining in one’s own words.

HYPOTHESIZING means assuming something for the sake of an argument; proposing a theory, explaining something.

MENTAL TRACKING OUT LOUD means talking to oneself.